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Hi dear,

Working on the first issue of The New Americans newsletter during the week reminded me of Eben Howells, we call him Zito. He did graphic designs or page planning for all my publications in Lagos, Nigeria from 2000 to 2011.IMG_4731

He was introduced by Prince Akinpelu Browne when I needed someone to do the graphic designs for our first newspaper – Aviation Week. Zito came in to work on part time at very reasonable price. Reasonable for a newspaper first time publisher. What endeared me to Zito was his professionalism, meekness, dedication and loyalty. Zito wanted a place to build and to be counted as part of the success story. He gave all he had to ensure that the paper, and later magazine came out well and attractive.

I used to wonder how he uses page maker to produce the beautiful designs. And where applying pictures may seemed difficult, Zito will use Corel draw. I had always wondered if I will be able to plan the pages without Zito. This great man will travel several miles to help us meet up with deadline. Sometimes, his payment would be spread. Zito was passionate for my dreams and I am grateful to him for his great job. I miss Zito and I always tell him anytime I call Nigeria or when we chat on Facebook.

But between 2000 and 2016, technology has made page planning or graphic designs easy. Several software had been introduced into the IT market that people can use and produce very beautiful and attractive publication. One can even learn how to do it yourself on YouTube. Microsoft has Publishers and other manufacturers have simple form of design software.

I decided to learn about Microsoft Publishers on YouTube and trained myself for over three months. As deadline for the production of the first edition of The New Americans drew near, I asked my son to work with me on the copy. And together we met the deadline, sent the magazine ‘to bed’ and on Wednesday June 29, 2016 “The New Americans” was delivered as a Newsletter in Columbus, Ohio.

I am grateful to everyone that supported the production of this first issue, especially those we interviewed for the 4th of July Independence story; our advertisers, advisers, friends and well-wishers. It’s truly a new dawn as I wrote in the Editor’s comment because we now have a publication for, of and by new Americans.

My person, how are the civil servants in most States in Nigeria surviving when they are being owed five to six months’ salary. The amusing part is the way some of the State governors disrespect these civil servants by talking down on them despite owing them for months. Sometime ago, all the states pleaded for bailout from the federal government. They got the bail out and workers are still being owed. When will the workers be ‘bailed out’ completely from this abuse by the State governors?

Please enjoy your week my person.


Deba Uwadiae

June 30, 2016


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