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The book, The Immigrant on Columbus Way is a 30-month account of a family of five
new immigrants to the United States of America from Nigeria, Africa. Deba (47)
and Tolu (43) Uwadiae arrive Chicago, Illinois on the 7th of June, 2011 with
their three children – Uyi 15, male, Abi 14, female and Eki 9, female en-route
Columbus, Ohio to begin a new life. They came in as part of the US Visa lottery
winners for the year 2010. The book is a guide written as part-biography chronicling
the family’s experience in settling down to life in Columbus, Ohio. It is a real
experience of step-by-step events needed to be done within a period of 30months.
He treats the daily expectations and challenges of new immigrants to the United States.
It begins with the arrival of the family to the O’Hare International Airport, Chicago,
Illinois; night journey in a bus to Columbus, Ohio; applying for Social Security Number;
Obtaining Driver License; finding a job; finding accommodation; finding school for the
children; a means of transportation; school and buying a house. New and potential
immigrants to the United States will experience true life account of people like them
knowing and feeling what to expect in beginning life and settling down in the United
States of America.

Deba Uwadiae is an international journalist and a media consultant. He graduated
from the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria and the Ohio Center for Broadcasting,
Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. He is also an alumnus of the Nigerian College
of Aviation Technology, Zaria, Nigeria. He immigrated with his family to the United State
of America in June 2011. He worked with the Vanguard Newspapers, Lagos, Nigeria between
1989 and 2000 as a senior correspondent before resigning to begin work as a publisher
and aviation media consultant. He consulted for Virgin Nigeria Airways, Aerocontractors
Airlines, Dana Airlines, Turkish Airlines, the United States Commercial Service, Lagos,
the National Association of Nigerian Pilots and Engineers and the National Association
of Nigerian Travel Agencies. Deba created and conducted the Annual Lagos Airport Marathon.
He has published and edited two books – Aviation Communication Practice (2000) and 80
Years of Aviation in Nigeria – A Step Higher (2005). He is married to Tolulope Adama and
has three children.

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